Our main focus at Sentry Technologies is providing you with ALL the information so you can make the best decision for your technology services. No games, no gimmicks, and no unexpected jumps in bill amounts because a sales person only gave you the shiny promotional pricing.

Robert Grimes started in this industry over 12 years ago as an installation technician. He quickly recognized the disconnect between the people in the sales department and the customers that he visited face-to-face with. He determined that if the people taking the orders knew they had to do complete the installation, they would be much more informative with the potential customer. Quickly working his way through various management positions and improving performance numbers and customer satisfaction along the way, he decided that he could do better from start to finish with his own company. Sentry Technologies was formed in 2011.


We will conduct business on a daily basis with the customer as our focal point. It is only through customer satisfaction that we will remain successful and continue to grow. At no point will a customer order a service from us and not clearly be explained the billing procedures and amounts. Instead of “selling” to our customers, we will CONSULT with them on their best options available…even if it is something we do not carry. You will not be cornered with high pressure tactics to buy something you don’t need. We will only complete our installations to the highest of quality standards while respecting your home and family.

If we have fallen short on our promise, here is the owner’s (Robert Grimes) personal cell number. 270-847-0559. He will make it right!